5th Annual i.t.a. Foundation Conference

readingDocHeaderAttendees at the 5th annual i.t.a. Foundation conference in Winona, Minnesota, August 17-18, participated in a full day of workshops on Interventions for Struggling Readers.

The first day ended with a cash-prize contest to see which team could search and find the highest number of resources on our new i.t.a. Foundation website (www.itafoundation.org) designed to be a one-stop shop for reading, spelling, and written language interventions.

The workshop sessions were followed by a morning of working with students practicing the research-based protocols for remediation of dyslexia in older students and prevention of reading failure in younger children.

Conference participants rotated through stations on spelling by sound using i.t.a., spelling by pattern, Repeated Oral Assisted Reading, and vocabulary development. At each station, children from Saint Mary’s University i.t.a. Literacy Clinic served as teachers.

The following pictures show the conference participants during the i.t.a. Foundation conference workshops.


The following pictures show the children and conference participants working with the i.t.a. intervention protocols.