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The ITA Foundation Board

Shelley Jerviss, ITA Foundation President

Shelley Jerviss is an educator with 43 years of experience including Elementary School Teacher, Librarian, Title I Teacher, K-12 Reading Teacher and Lead Teacher in the Alternative School.

She first became involved with the ITA Program in 1994 when a class in her junior high school was having great difficulty with reading tasks. Through Dr. Jane Anderson, her staff was trained and the program was on its way. They had tremendous success and have been receiving funding from the Initial Teaching Alphabet Foundation in New York for the program ever since. They have expanded to the Elementary, Alternative School and of course the Junior/Senior High School.

Shelley was elected to the ITA Foundation Board of Directors in 2001 and has frequently served as a trainer for new ITA Programs sponsored by the Foundation. She currently is the Coordinator of both the Elementary and High School ITA Programs and was elected President of the ITA Foundation in 2017.


“When I became involved with the ITA Program I knew rather quickly that I was going to be a part of a great program that would enable struggling readers to find success, with carryover into their other classes and their futures.
It is absolutely the best program I have seen to help students, of all ages, learn to read, write, spell and comprehend efficiently.”

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