Students who have graduated from ITA intervention programs are often noted to be excellent creative writers, due to the emphasis on language experience writing from the very first day of their attendance in ITA clinics. In ITA intervention programs students progress through a sequence of writing protocols designed to develop not only their spelling but also their creative writing.

ITA-Only Writing

In the beginning students write every word, even those they know how to spell in traditional orthography, using ITA to represent each sound that they hear in the word. This ensures that they master matching sound to print, getting them ready for sound by sound analysis of longer, more complex words. This protocol is implemented with high school students, as well as elementary students, as shown in these videos.

ITA for Unknown Words

When students are writing most one and two-syllable words by sound using

ITA, they are ready for the next phase where they use ITA only for the words that they do not know how to spell. Often these are polysyllabic words, and by using Slash and Dash to determine how many syllables the word has, and how many sounds in each syllable, they are empowered to use electronic spell checkers to find the traditional spelling of the word.