ITA Online

The emergence of Covid19 proved the truth of the adage “Necessity is the mother of invention.” Because the pandemic precluded face-to-face ITA interventions, we needed to figure out how to recreate our 24 intervention protocols for online learning. That led to setting up a virtual production studio with new hardware and software for development of ITA online programs.

We also needed to do pilot testing of each new online protocol to ensure that it would work for both teachers and students. And finally, training videos were needed to demonstrate things like how to ensure that students are tracking during ROAR interventions.

You will find here everything you need to create and deliver through distance learning our 24 ITA interventions, ranging from remediation of phonological deficits to teaching critical reading skills.

Start by downloading the document on the right, ITA Foundation Resources for Distance Learning, for a concise guide to all of our intervention resources. This document also contains hotlinks to other sites and digital tools for delivering our research-based ITA interventions.