Does this story sound familiar to you?

Five-year-old Sarah couldn’t wait to go to first grade because she was going to learn how to read! But as the year progressed her enthusiasm waned: by the end of first grade she hated school, she hated reading and she hated herself. Despite superior achievement in math, Sarah’s self-concept plummeted as reading became harder and harder.

There had been few indicators that Sarah would have trouble learning to read. Books and literacy experiences abounded in her home. In kindergarten her teacher indicated some difficulty with learning letter names, but with help at home Sarah had done well. But at the end of first grade, while many of her peers could read on average 55 words per minute, Sarah read slowly and painfully, averaging only 16 words per minute. If this sounds like your child, you have come to the right place for help.

Available Resources

You will find effective strategies for remediation of reading, spelling and writing deficits here. Each research-validated intervention is demonstrated through videos that walk you through the intervention process. Print resources, free for download are also provided for you.