Remediation of reading, spelling, and writing disabilities begins with assessment of a student’s learning needs, and continues with placement in the correct intervention protocol. Supervision of tutors is crucial to your students’ success. It is also important to monitor progress in order to determine when to move students up a book level or to different writing protocol, and when to graduate them from the ITA program. The videos and documents in this section show you how to manage an ITA program from assessment to graduation.

From Assessment to Graduation

From Assessment to Graduation: Organizing an ITA Intervention Program

This presentation covers the process of organizing an ITA intervention program from assessment to graduation.

Reading Assessment and Book Placement in ITA

Determining where to start intervention by listening to oral reading passages and counting errors.

Supervising an ITA Program

Using Saint Mary’s University clinic as a model, Carol explains how to organize and supervise an intervention program for struggling readers.