Through the years, some teachers have expressed skepticism about using ITA to teach beginning readers. Not so, however, the experienced teachers to pass through our reading master’s program to learn how to prevent and/or remediate reading failure. They see its benefit immediately. The following content testifies to the effectiveness of a simplified alphabet in opening the door to avid reading and excellent writing.

A 1960s i.t.a. Reader

A 1960s ITA Reader

A 1960s ITA Student

This letter from Denise DiJoseph, a 1960s ITA student, describes the fond experience of learning how to read using ITA.

Student Interviews

Students discuss how they have benefited from the help they’ve received in the Saint Mary’s ITA Literacy Clinic funded by the Initial Teaching Alphabet Foundation.

Hannah’s Mom Testimonial

Hannah’s Mother reflects on the changes she has seen in Hannah since attending the ITA Literacy Clinic at Saint Mary’s University.

Gracey’s Mom Testimonial

Gracey is a student who has received help in Saint Mary’s ITA Literacy Clinic. Her mother talks about what the program has meant for Gracey and her family.

Teacher ITA Testimonial

At first skeptical about the use of the initial teaching alphabet for reading interventions, an elementary teacher tells of her successful experience using ITA with a struggling reader.