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    Patti Ward-Montoya

    Have you had students who write in ita only also do ita writing in their classroom? If so, how?

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    Carrie Woods

    The first thing I do is talk to the mainstream teachers and let them know that they may see some words spelled a little different. I show them the i.t.a. chart and explain that my students will be spelling words that they do not know using the symbols on the chart.

    If the students are working on an assignment in study hall, they use a white board to spell the word in i.t.a. Then they use the Franklin speaking dictionary to find the correct spelling and write it in their assignment the correct way. (if time permits, I have them add the word to their journal book for future reference). If we don’t have time, I will have them save the board so we can get it in their journal book. (I just had an epiphany, I could take a picture to save it for when we are working one on one or two) .

    Hope that helps

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    Patti Ward-Montoya

    Wanted to follow up with this question. For the schools that have implemented ita for the whole class, how have you done this?

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