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    Patti Ward-Montoya

    Good Morning:

    We are in a debate about the word lion. One student says /u/ as in umbrella, and another student says /o/ as on octopus.

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    Carrie Woods

    I asked a couple of people at our school and this is what I came up with.

    /l/ as in lion, /ie/ as in ice cream, /i/ as in insect and /n/ as in nail.

    I do not hear the /u/ as in umbrella, or the /o/ as in octopus when I say it. Just to make sure, I asked two of my coworkers that are working with ita and they said the same thing.

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    Jane Flynn

    Hello: Denise and I played with “lion.” Here’s the opinion of “old” i.t.a. users. l+ie+u+n. You have fallen for the old problem of your visual channel over-riding your auditory channel. We will take bets that you pronounce “Lion” with a schwa (which is ‘u’). :) Jane and Denise

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    Jane Flynn

    Just to add a bit more: Any time you find wondering what vowel it is, it’s a schwa! Remember, the definition is “an indeterminate vowel sound.” And it’s four times more common than any other vowel sound in English.

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